Prevailing Voice Daily 6th April

6th April
Text: Job 22:29.

29: When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person.

To go down requires no effort, a student does need to pray for failure, he just need to fold his arms while exam is approaching, but success always require conscious and serious effort.

If your family must take a lift It requires constant conscious effort. Let me try to stick to the spiritual angle here, it is important you understand that there are forces against the family, you don’t need to offend witches and wizards before they attack you or your home, strange forces and spirit exist to attack progress and breakthrough.

If you see signs of backwardness in your home, challenges in the lives of family members, spending money on sickness regularly, then an enemy is present, when the family depends on people to survive, the enemy is at work. When there is a regular fight between husband and wife, little conversation is aggravated to a big issue in the family, then the enemy is present.

From our text, you can bring about a lift in your family, it begins by speaking, speaking in the place of prayer, the family can take a lift by prophetic declarations. You gat to speak against every enemy of the family. Confront the challenges around your home with decrees from scriptures.

Let me explain our passage; ‘ When men are cast down…’ when you see that people are cast down, things are cast down, businesses down, someone down with sickness, when you see and have someone down emotionally, when situation prove that the family is down, when the doctor’s report shows that someone is down, then you will say THERE IS LIFTING UP.

There are things to note here:
1, What you see.
2, What you say.
3, What God will do.

What you see in the home might not be pleasant, but your speaking determines what will happen. Don’t feel down when things are down, situations can respond to your words, your finanaces will respond to your words if only you beleive.

Your speaking is what God is waiting for, speak rightly to situations. Taking right actions in times of challenges, your speaking can turn the family’s story around, I am talking from experience, don’t give up speaking over your marriage, over your children and their career, over your husband, over your wife, over your business, and what do you say? ‘ THERE IS LIFTING UP ‘ God bless you.


Ecclessiates 4, Acts 19.
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