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5th April
Topic: DIVINE GIFTING …part 2.
Text: Proverbs 18:16

16: A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

Every man is given a gift to profit with it, it is God’s gracious act to every man on Earth. You have to understand that you got gift to manifest, every star in the world exhibits one gift or the other, what makes them stars is the gift they exhibit, if they hadn’t discovered their gifts they won’t be seen as stars.
The gift is the light that brought them out if their hidden places to lime light, the world knows them because they shine as light in the world. Every gift is meant to be a blessing, whatever you do under the umbrella of your gifting should bless people and not destroy them, if it’s not channelled towards blessing others, then it has been manipulated by the devil.
First you must discover your gift, you’re made with a gift, I am sure of that. Discovery is the first step in manifestation. How do I discover my gift? It is simple beloved, it is something you can do with ease, without stress, it is like fun to you while you bless others, you probably might not learn it, though learning will enhance it.
After discovery, you need to explore it, channel it towards blessing others, you gat to work towards blessing others with it. The Holy Spirit gives grace to your gift to make it a blessing to others.
There might be no external support to stir your gift, but surely you can be stirred by the Holy Spirit. Your gift most times is a light to your destiny. It is usually a tool to fulfil your destiny. Life makes a lot of sense when a man utilizes his gift, you do well in business when your business revolves round your gifting.
If you’re an orator and your business revolves round speaking and writing you’ll surely do well in it. Many people studied courses that are not in anyway stirring the gift in them, they are purely offtrack in their routes to destiny, no wonder many couldn’t make anything good out of their going to school.
It is important you give priority to this gift on your inside, once there a stirring up of that gift in you, there will be a stirring up in your life. A great man is a man who is simply good at what he is doing, and once you tap into this gifting of the Almighty, you will be good at what you do, the result you get will definitely announce you.
Staying and fellowshipping with God and God’s people will bring a supernatural strength upon your gift and at that point it won’t be by human efforts anymore, but a lift and a shift in your life and you will definitely be a blessing to your world, eventually, your world will reciprocate by paying you for meeting needs. God bless you.
* Help me Lord, to manifest the gift you deposited in my life in Jesus name.
Ecclessiates 3, Acts 18.
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