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29th March
Text: Proverbs 18:16

16: A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

My assignment here is to buttress the fact that there is something in you that is potent enough to put you in the class of great men. You must understand that bible, unlike every other book, is a guide into a man’s life and destiny. It is a book of revelation and inspiration, it is a book of discoveries.
Let me come out this way; I was a man in a lowest class in life, poor, relegated, suffering, no help, in the class of the less privileged, but as I study the Bible ( the manual of life) I began to discover the things that God, the maker has prepared for my good, I discovered I am not suppose to be poor, not suppose to suffer, I am not less privileged but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And my life began to changed at the point of the discoveries, how did I discover? By daily meditation of the word of God, THE BIBLE.
The explanation above can fit in for everyone, a nobody can become somebody, a poor man can be rich, a less privileged can do anything as he or she receives the grace of God through meditation of God’s word.
As I study, I discovered that the maker has packaged my life with a precious gift that can change my status in life. Do you know why many are still suffering today or living below expectations? It is simply because they’re yet to discover what they are made of, when a man leaves his gift unutilized, he keeps wandering about in life without living fulfilled.
Let me put it this way for better understanding; God is fair to all men, some people think he is not, because some people appear blessed, while some appear not, but that is not true, everyone is blessed with what will make him go through life.
A man with a poor background has something deposited in his life that will make him go through his life successfully. This DIVINE GIFTING is the capital God gives everyone to start his life, the environment a man finds himself cannot kill it, but rather strengthen it. The poor background brought about a desire for wealth and passion for profitable businesses in many. The gifts in them can survive and prosper in their harsh environments.
The main focus here is to let you know that the maker, THE ALMIGHTY GOD, did not make you to be subject to circumstances, he didn’t make you inferior to anyone, you aren’t destined to live in shame and suffering, it is just that you have not discovered his gift in your life that will put you in the class of great men.
How does this translate to making money? As long as you are a blessing to people, getting money will not be a problem. When you discover, explore and manifest your gift in your world, the world will respond to you for good. I will give detailed teaching on this just follow the series. God bless you.
* Help me Lord, to discover the seed of greatness you have deposited in my life in Jesus name.
Proverbs 27, Acts 11.
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