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27th March
Text : Luke 10:17.

17: And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.

We bless the Lord who gives us inspiration daily. In part 1, I did say that demons are likened to criminals while believers are likened to armed soldiers trained to deal with criminals. Demons wreck havoc in the lives of people, there are evil spirits behind evil acts. Some people believe that not all evil occurrences are initiated by demons, they believe some are results of accident or someone’s mistake or someone’s carelessness, in as as I wouldn’t want to object that you must understand that errors can be caused by an evil spirit. In fact, A man can be enchanted or possessed by the spirit of error.
A woman mistakenly put rat poison on the table, her children returned from school, ate the poison and died, mistake or carelessness you say, but I strongly believe that since no one is made by mistake, no one dies by mistake, the truth is that everyone who dies, dies first in the spirit, in fact, death itself is a personality, a spirit, it’s assignment is to kill people, and because it is a spirit being, it kills people first in the spirit before physical manifestation, but there is always a point of reference as the cause of death. Some other time I will expatiate on this. The focus is how demons operate and how you are to deal with them.
First of all, demons exist, you must understand that, our passage confirms that.Their assignment is to steal, kill and destroy. they have brought rich men down, kill people untimely, break homes, ruin destinies. One other point is that they don’t give up over anyone, they try to attack anyone no matter how anointed.
Some people don’t like hearing about them, some other people handle them with levity, that’s not the right thing to do, some people say they don’t need to bind demons, that demons can’t come near them, even Jesus bound demons.
Understand these points ; 1, demons exit 2, I have power over them 3, when I notice their presence I must rebuke them.
Evil men were ordinary men possessed by demons, witch doctors invite demons by incarnations, demons response to words, they can hear words of men. If anyone wants to do you evil he invites evil spirit, when you pray you invite the Holy Spirit, when the demon that is released to attack you is confronted by the Holy Spirit, the demon will bow or probably be tormented.
Any where there are evil occurrences know that demons are present, but if there is a man who can invite the Holy Spirit through prayer the demons will bow and their activities will be brought to an end. Deliverance occur when demons lose their hold, and that is done with the presence of the Holy Spirit. As you praise and pray, demons trembles because they know the Holy Spirit is coming. God bless you.
* As we wait upon the Lord today, invite the Holy Spirit, rebuke every evil spirit around your life and family with the name of Jesus.
Proverbs 25, Acts 9.
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