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Prevailing Voice Daily 20th March

Mar 20, 2019

20th March
Text : Luke 10:17

17: And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.

The seventy were disciples of Jesus, they came with testimonies after going for evangelism. Their key statement is the focus here, let me throw light on who the seventy were, they were Jesus’ disciples, they had been with Jesus, they had learnt to obey his teachings, they were loyal to him, they call him master, he was their boss, they left somethings because of him.
I want to explain their statement here; ‘…EVEN DEVILS ARE SUBJECT UNTO US..’ they sounded like they didn’t know that devils (demons) are subject unto them, it was a surprise to them that devils were submitting to their orders. They had watched Jesus cast out devils. They thought it was only Jesus that could do it, but for the first time they saw devils submitted to them.
Let me quickly explain the word ‘ devil ‘, permit me to write it this way; d evil, the personality behind evil. Devil is committed to doing evil, where there is evil, devil is not absent, let me tell you categorically that whatever is not good in your life is not of God. I hear people say: if God does not want it in my life why did he permit devil to do this to  me? You must understand that as long as this world exist, the devil is also permitted to exist, as you live, he is also living, but you’ve got power over him.
This is liken to having criminals in a country and empowering military men to deal with them. Just as criminals cause havoc, and the military is obliged to deal with them, likewise you are also empowered to the deal with devil wrecking havoc in and around your life.
Now this is it: devils are operating on the earth, but Jesus has empowered you as a christian to subdue them. They are suppose to be subject unto you. The disciples did not realise this until Jesus sent them out.
Note that the disciples didn’t say, ‘ ..even devils WERE subject unto us..’ but rather they said, ‘ ..even devils ARE subject unto us..’ they were making report of their outing, they were trying to report what had happened, and now they said, ‘..even devils ARE subject unto us..’ in other words they were saying, ‘ we didn’t know that demons are our subjects, they are continually our subjects, it is today that we know.
It is important you know that there are demons behind sicknesses, diseases, poverty, disappointment, rejection, delay in marriage, failure in business, loss of money and opportunities, broken relationships etc. Now this is what happen when you pray; the devil in charge of that problem gives up when you pray, your prayer will make him bow, and you get solution to the problem.
In part 2, I will be explaining what happens in the demonic world when you pray, it is a revelation that will increase your faith. Understand here that if you are born again demons or devils (means the samething) are subject unto you. God bless you.
* As we wait upon the Lord today, rebuke every demon that is causing problem around your life and family.
Proverbs 18, Acts 2.
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