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Prevailing Voice Daily 16th March

16th March
Text : Amos. 3:3

3: Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction? 

The topic of this teaching sounds common but the points made so far aren’t. We have discussed some important points which ordinarily you wouldn’t think are products of communication. Let me press further a little as the Holy Spirit leads me.
I want to raise 2 points here . The first point is this: you can not have effective communication in your home if you don’t communicate with God. If you have been following me from part 1, you will understand what I mean by effective communication by now, the emphasis is not just to live together or live in harmony, of course living together and living in harmony are absolutely important, but you must press further to engage in communication that will move your family forward.
If your family must move forward there must be communication with heaven. Communication with God brings God’s hand on the decisions you have taken as couples through effective communication between yourselves. When atleast a member of a family prays, he or she brings God’s hand upon his or her home.
I heard someone said, ‘ if my husband can pray like me,  this family will move beyond this level ‘, of course, I encourage both of you to pray but if your spouse is not praying like you, only you can bring God’s hand upon your home, your prayers can bring a turn around for your family. So, when someone in the family stays in touch with God, God prospers the endeavors of the family. Note that no decision, plan, and project can achieve its aim without God’s approval so, it is important the couples have effective communication with God, if not both of them, at least one of them.
Effective communication affects the future of your children. Let me say here that every child has his or her purpose in life, parents must be careful to lead their children in direction of their destinies, let me give you examples you can relate with; Christiano Ronaldo is a great football player, if his parents had forbade him from playing football, if they had compelled him to be a medical doctor, his fame wouldn’t have gone this far.
If Evangelist Reinhard Bonkke had chosen a career other than preaching and refused to be a preacher, he would have been far from fulfilling his destiny. My dad was told I will be passionate about God, so I was lost to church things from my teen ages. Parents must effectively communicate with heaven over choice of career of their children if they want the best for them.
The best of education in a wrong choice of career will most likely take anyone far from fulfilling his or her destiny, education is most valuable when it is line with your destiny career. Your child can’t just be anything, or anyone, can’t just pick up a career, your wish is not the best here, but the purpose for which your child is sent to this world.
Everyone who is a blessing to his or her generation works in line with his or her destiny, you’ve got to help your children to choose their career prayerfully. God bless you.
* Help me Lord, to always stay in touch with you.
Proverbs 15, John 20.
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