Prevailing Voice Daily 2nd March


2nd March


Text; Amos 3:3

3: Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction? NLT.

I have heard many discussed communication in marriage, and most times all emphasis is on the togetherness of the members of the family, but beyond that communication in the home determines a lot of things, look our passage in New Living Translation;
3: Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction? NLT.

Communication gives direction, it affects the future of members of the family. If husband and wife are talking well it will affect the future of their children, the talking well here is not just living in harmony, if they live in harmony and fail to take decisions in favour of their home, they will move the family in wrong direction.

For couples to talk well, they must reason well, reasoning well will birth the kind of Communication I am talking about here. Living in harmony is good but you will do better if your living in harmony will go further to impact on the future of the home.

I am sounding this way because in most marriages either the wife or husband makes sacrifices to please his or her spouse, if one is making sacrifice or sacrifices to please the other at the detriment of their home, it is not the best.

I have disagreed with my wife on a number of issues and made her realized why I did, and sometimes she disagrees with good explanations, our family has moved from a level to another to the glory of God. If I try to please her at the detriment of the home we have ourselves to blame in future.

There are some kind of decisions that transform any family, no matter the level she is. If you see a family that has not progressed over time it is purely because the decisions makers of such family have not being reasoning well and talking well.

Let me give you some analysis here; you see a family enroll children in a school they pay through the nose, or probably they could pay for sometime and later unable to pay, if you check the amount of money that has been spent on school fees it could have changed the fortune of the family.

If you have been paying school fees for 10 years or more, the analysis of how much you have paid, if your children’s school fees is not moderate, you have given the school a good part of your hard earn money that you could have invested and you would have made good returns over the years.

You must understand that the fee of a school does not determine the standard of the school. You don’t need to compete with anyone, I was a teacher and my wife was a teacher, so we both understand that the fee of a school does not determine her standard.

Not just school fees, check the finances of the family, how do you make money and how do you spend money? Finances aside now, other issues that affect the family must be in the interest of the family, considering the present and the future. God bless you.

* Father, give my family direction.

Proverbs 2, John 8.
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