Prevailing Voice Daily 23rd February

23rd February
Text: Psalms 9:17.

17: The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

In part 1 the focus is God’s interest in Nigeria, and the fact that God is set to do something great in the country for the sake of his people. In Part 2, the focus is doing our part in bringing transformation to the country.

In this part, I am emphasising our role in bringing the transformation to the country. As we pray for a transformed nation it is important you and I know and do our part.

The first point is here that all of us must carry out our civic responsibility by voting, you can’t afford to be on the fence, your contribution will count. Voting should not be based on sentiment, let no party move you, do not vote in the interest of your party but of the nation. Your sense of judgement can tell you who to vote.

The second point here is that election is just once in 4 years, that’s not sufficient in transforming the nation, but by our daily activities, our right living, doing things right and encouraging everyone around you to follow suit will bring transformation in the long run.

One thing you should know is that it is God who prospers a nation, no nation prospers without him, and there is something he watches for in every nation, it is called RIGHTEOUSNESS, I told you in part 2 that a generation of Americans sought God and prospers the nation till date.

A land that is filled with rituals, killings, genocides, injustice, corruption can’t receive pronouncement of blessings. We must repent and serve God in righteousness and holiness, our nation can experience peace and prosperity again if only we can allow righteousness in our land.

You want to say, ‘ how can you get everyone to be righteous? You just live right, encourage people around you to do so, it will definitely spread. God bless you.

* Lord let Nigeria prosper again.

Psalms 145, John 1.
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