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Prevailing Voice Daily 18th February.

18th February.
Text : Proverbs 22:29

29: Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

This series has been a blessing, let me try to wrap it up here. In the affairs of life God has his part to play likewise man, I see many believers hang everything on God, it is absolutely important you understand that God has given you a will power, a mind to carryout your part in fulfilling your destiny.
When God opens doors and you don’t play your part in no time the doors will close, if God has granted you open doors in business and you can’t manage your business and clients well in no time those doors will close.
Every man who will stand before great men must be diligent in what he does, there is always a time to pray and a time to work, where there is so much dependence on the spiritual to a point that a man fails in carrying out his responsibility it is certain that in no time doors will close to such man.
Diligence is absolutely important if you must keep doing well in business. Lateness to work, procastination, failure to deliver promptly, will shut the doors that have been opened.
Your branding is also important here, how you package your business, the delivery of your services. Always remember that there is a higher place, and higher responsibility is demanded to attain such height. If you will go places, if you will keep prospering, you must stand up to the task, planning ahead of time. Vision for your business, enlarging your scope in business, build bigger business, increase your customer base.
Working on yourself plays major role here also, as you improve yourself it will rob off on your business. Study about how to improve your business, as your mind grows your business will grow. You see reputable organizations ensure their staff go for training at least once a year, this is to improve their delivery capacity.
As you do the same thing over time, while you are expected to become expert in it, it has been discovered that there is high tendencies of getting bored and tired, renewing your mind by reading books and going for training make you efficient and effective instead of getting bored and tired.
Working efficiently and effectively is important because people don’t really pay for the product you sell or service you render but for the quality of the goods or services you render, they want to pay for the value you’re adding to their lives.
Prayer is key if your doors must remain open, and diligence in what you do is important as well, no one of them must be substituted for another, if open doors must remain open. God bless you.
* Grace for diligence, I receive Lord.
Psalms 140, Luke 20.
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