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4th February
Text: Revelation 3:8.

8: I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

God can’t fail, his words are ye and Amen, when he promised open doors he will definitely open doors, but you have obligation to keep your doors open. How to keep your doors open is my focus here.
1, Personal Relationship: open doors will give you opportunity to meet people, it will bring you before great men, and those who appear not great but have potentials to be great, in fact, it is important you keep good relationship with everyone, because the one who looks common can give you connection for a good job, contract and business. Good relationship has not seized to be a major key to prosperity in business.
2, Publicity: create awareness, it is a key to growing your business, I am a preacher of the Gospel, but at the sametime I do good publicity for my business, you’ve to be able to talk well to convince people why they should patronise you and not others, at every opportunity you have speak, tell people what you can do, your past excellent achievements, how good your company is.
3, PROACTIVITY; you’ve got to act before time, be aware of the time of inflation of goods and services, inform your customers and clients on time, by so doing you help them save money, and you can be sure that will earn you respect before them.
4, Punctuality: ensure there is no delay in delivery, prompt delivery earns you respect, always keep appointments and agreements.
5, Prompt Response: how do you respond to calls, text messages, chats, emails? First of all you must open all your channels of communications. I hear a businessman say, ‘ I am not on social media ‘, such person might be missing a lot because people view Facebook than Television now. Open all channels of reach for people to reach you, someone might have lost your contact and may be trying to reach you via Facebook. And respond promptly when you get message from anyone. Don’t keep your phone off, you can silence it when you’re in a meeting.
6, Packaging: you must pack yourself and business well, put your car in good shape, it speaks volumes about you when you go to meet your clients. Your car shouldn’t look like you don’t have money to maintain it.
These are things you need to do physically and mentally to keep your doors open, in part 2, I will share the spiritual part you need to play. God bless you. Do have a prosperous week.
* Lord, Help me to keep my door of prosperity open in Jesus name.
Psalms 128, Luke 6.
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