Prevailing Voice Daily 2nd February

2nd February
Text: Amos 3:3

3: Do two walk together except they make an appointment and have agreed?

Every marriage starts with sweet words, but with time those sweet words are eroded gradually. It is common to see men run after their spouses before marriage, but once married the attention naturally reduce because they have what they want already.
Every broken marriage began with bad communication, over the years the couples must have developed bad way of communication that leads to separation. Every lasting marriage is based on good communication. Any lasting relationship you see was built by effective communication between the parties involved.
Let me classify communication in marriage into 3;
1, Utterances 2, Body language 3. Implied Terminologies..
1, Utterances; look at this Proverbs 15:1 A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare. Many homes have been broken because of harsh words, when spouses begin to speak to each other anyhow it is the beginning of separation. Each of them must have an understanding that he or she must not speak rashly to his or her spouse. Foul languages must be highly prohibited, insult shouldn’t proceed out of your mouth to your spouse, if you must enjoy your marriage.
2, Body language: This is often shown in attitude, showing your spouse bad signs, you might not necessarily utter words but your attitude is passing bad messages to your spouse. It is not good for your marriage, if care is not taken, it will degenerate into something else, which will eventually affect the home.
3, Implied Terminologies: this is so powerful that most times it leads to unforgiveness. This is a situation where you expect your spouse to do something but he does otherwise, it often leads to argument, you hear statements like, ‘ you’re suppose to know now ‘, ‘ you are suppose to do this and not that ‘, ‘ even though I didn’t tell you you’re suppose to know ‘. It is when you are disappointed at the action of your spouse. It is advisable you get the consent of spouse before you take decisions.
I will expatiate in part 2, let me stop here by saying, work towards building good communication in your home even among your children. God bless you.
* Father let nothing be strong enough to break my home in Jesus name.
Psalms 126, Luke 4.
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