Prevailing Voice Daily 23rd January

23rd January
Topic: OPEN DOORS…part 6
Text : Psalm 24:7,8.

7: Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.
8: Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.

Our passage refers to the entering of Jesus into Jerusalem. One important lesson we need to learn from here is that gates and doors were commanded for Jesus entering. I hear people say,’ there are some things we don’t need to pray about ‘, that’s erroneous. Our passage is a command given to doors and gates for the entering of Jesus, there should have been no need for that.

Gates and doors pose restriction, limitation, hindrance, blockage. My first assignment here is to let you know that there are gates and doors in the spirit realm, and because the spirit realm controls the physical when a door is shut to a man in the spirit realm he can’t breakthrough in the spirit realm.

Permit me to share from experience; the year I gained admission into higher institution admission process was tough in my department because of the number of students who wanted to study my course. The list that was published on the pages of a renown newspaper was cancelled by the school authority, so many of us were going to school expecting another list. Another list was out but my name was not included, I kept on going to school by faith. One night I had a revelation; I saw a man standing in the air (his legs were not touching the ground) he asked for my name, I told him, he wrote it on a sheet of paper, in less than 2 weeks another list was released and my name was included.

I needed a job at a point in my life, I had passed the written test but I wasn’t called for interview, I kept going for months after sometime I had a revelation, I saw the guy conducting interviews sent for me in the that revelation. Not too long I got the job.

I see many people try to do without the spiritual, it is absolutely impossible, you must understand that you’re first of all a spirit being, your body is just like clothes you will put off some days. And because you’re a spirit being everything about you is spiritual, whatever happens to you in the physical first hit your spirit either you’re aware of it on not.

Many people are at a point in their lives for too long because gates and doors are shut to them in the spirit realm. Your next level of breakthrough will be effected in the spirit realm before you can see manifestation in the physical.

Listen to this; if doors were commanded for Jesus entering, then doors must be commanded for your passage before you can move to your next level. God has given you authority to speak to every door and gate that is shut against you, by closing your mouth and thinking doors will open by themselves will not help you, you gat the power to command the opening of doors, command doors of success, lifting, mega breakthrough, marital breakthrough, financial breakthrough. The more you speak the more openings you get. God bless you.

* As we wait upon the Lord today, speak to every door that has been shut against you.

Psalms 117, Mark 11.
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