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21st January
Topic: OPEN DOORS…Part 5.
Text: 1Corinthians 16: 9.

9: For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

In Matthew 12:24 Jesus said Jesus said to them, Is not this where you wander out of the way and go wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God? Amplified. Lack of proper understanding of the word of God makes people to sin and go the wrong way. This is the reason we give detailed teaching on every subject matter, just as you shouldn’t be in haste to finish studying the Bible within a period, if you do so you will miss great revelation and insight.
As the Holy Spirit impresses in my spirit-man OPEN DOORS, it is absolutely important we have good understanding of it. My assignment here is to bring to light why doors that were initially opened were later closed. Let me start by saying that it is God’s responsibility to open doors while it is your duty to make good use of the opening.
I once counselled a brother to make a marriage proposal to a sister, but he rather saw my counsel as carnal, I could see an open door for marital breakthrough for him, but he wasn’t seeing what I was seeing, by the time he was ready to make proposal this sister said, ‘ I waited for you, expecting you to come, in fact, I love you, but when you delayed another brother came, and I have given him my consent ‘.
When God plays his part and you fail to play your part, loss is inevitable. An open door will close if you do nothing about it, you gat to do something about the open door.
Great doors have closed to many through their actions and inactions, most times, people hang excuses for lost of opportunities on the activities of the enemy, it is not always so beloved, in fact, you’ve great power to stop the enemy, but often times it isn’t the enemy it is your inability to carry out your responsibility.
Many people have shut good doors to themselves because they couldn’t keep relationships, they break good relationships, they don’t know how to treat friends, relatives, and business partners. You must understand that one of the greatest breakthrough you can have is to have good people around you. Good business partners, good friends, good colleagues, good family members, good neighbors.
It is people that will recommend you to people, I don’t play with my workers, I am their boss, but I give them much respect, and they have brought me good jobs, if there is a job, contract I can handle and they get the info, they call me quickly.
When you break relationships you’re closing doors, losing opportunities, limiting your progress, always ensure you are not the cause for any broken relationship, can I shock you? The person that hurt you last year can bring you good job, good contract, good business this year, it is therefore absolutely important you keep relationships. God bless you.
* Oh Lord, give me wisdom to keep my doors open in Jesus name.
Psalms 115, Mark 9.
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