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Prevailing Voice Daily 11th January

11th January
Topic: RAISED TO BLESS…part 1.
Text: Proverbs 11:23-26

24: There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.

This is another series of teaching that will bless you, every part of PREVAILING VOICE DAILY has proven to be a blessing. It blesses the authors too, in fact, it blesses us first, the reason is the because any message that does not move the preacher can’t move his listeners.
I feel the efficacy of the word before delivery, and that’s the reason testimonies ALWAYS follow.
This teaching is important because many people lack the proper understanding of why God bless men, and lack of the understanding is equal to lack of wealth because abuse will be inevitable, and if God loves you he won’t give you what will kill you.
Let me come out this way; I use to have a friend many years ago, he gave his life to Christ, and I was trusting God for him to grow, his family was poor that they couldn’t afford a TV set, after a while his father was able to buy a TV set. The greatest challenge of this friend is the ability to resist himself from porn films, he did stay up till late in the night to watch porn movies. It was so bad that almost every night he had wet dreams. in fact, once he wakes up before he cleans up, you will see his undies wet, and it will be obvious that it is not urine. I wish he had no access to a TV set, that experience completely damage his Christian life.
You see most times when people cry to God for blessings, especially believers, what God watches out for is how the fellow will use the blessing. It is not difficult for God to bless anyone, but just as you wouldn’t want to give your child anything that will hurt him, in like manner, God wouldn’t want to lose you to the pleasure of sin through the blessings.
It is absolutely important you understand what I am sharing here; until you understand that you need to channel your blessings in line with the will of God, God might just be giving you drops of mercy not showers of blessings.
Permit me to share my experience: before I begin to have access to good amount of money, the Holy Spirit ministered to me, ‘ make a covenant with me that you will not go wayward, and I did ‘. I got the job I have been expecting for months, and believe me honestly, there were temptations, but his grace kept me. At another time I was to have another level of breakthrough, I tried severally for months I couldn’t, until when a Christian brother who has been blessed shared with me, this is what he said, ‘ my money is Jesus’ money, I will give account of how I spent every Kobo (that’s like cent in my country). I am careful of where the money goes ‘.Do you know that I got the long awaited breakthrough that same day he shared that with me?
It was as if that is what God wanted me to hear and understand, because before then, I give people money anyhow not minding what they want to do with it, either I am led or not by the Holy Spirit.
I am just laying foundation in this part, and the main point is this; God has reasons for blessing people, and you must understand that if his blessing must be sure upon your life. I will expatiate this in part 2. God bless you.
* Teach me what I need to know (this is the knowledge that will bring your prosperity).
Psalms 105, Matthew 27.
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