Prevailing Voice Daily 10th January

10th January
Text: Romans 8:28 KJV

28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Our scriptural text above is a statement of assurance without any doubt that all things work together for good to them that love God…, it’s quite a familiar scripture and what comes to mind as an interpretation is that all circumstances and situations especially unpredictable ones will turn out to good. I will like to just expand the scripture a bit more than the regular interpretations. When the scripture says “All things”, it goes beyond circumstances and situations, it encompasses all things; living or non-living, real or abstract, physical or spiritual e.t.c meaning all things known and unknown to you, all things around you shall work together for your good.

Let me narrow it down to my point of focus for today. Man has developed many things to make living enjoyable and sweet for him, man surrounds himself with many things to make his life good and easy, but on daily bases, those things men acquired to make living pleasurable turned against men and destroy them. For example some lost their lives by the very car they bought with their money, some people lost their entire property to fire caused by the very things (e.g electronic gadgets) they kept at home to make lives good for them, some the very work they do daily and are often rewarded for is what enemies turn around and use against them. I pray that everything that surrounds you and are meant for your good will not be turned to evil against you in Jesus Name.

Beloved, the scripture says we should not be ignorant of the devices of the devil, its important for you to know, that the enemies specialises in using the things (living or non-living) around man against him. So I will like you decree to yourself that whatever you use at home, at work or for your business to keep you going in life will not stop you, terminate your life or work against you. God bless you

* Father, everything and everyone who is a blessing to me will not turn around to be a curse to me in Jesus Name
* Father, whatever will be destruction to me and my family, will not be given to me as a gift in Jesus Name.
* Father, I stand upon your word, that all things shall work together for my good in Jesus Name.

Psalms 104, Matthew 26.

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