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7th January
Topic: OPEN DOORS…part 1.
Text: 1 Corinthians 16:9.

9: For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

I just want to lay foundation for this series of teaching here. This is a strong message in my spirit man; this year there shall be open doors, God will visit men, He will send his angels to attend to needs.
I feel the open doors like Paul said in our passage, ‘….a great door and effectual is opened…’ God is creating big opportunities for you this year, you can take that to the bank. It is important you prepare for this open doors, but my focus here is not the preparation but just to create awareness of what God is set to do in your life.
I am speaking by the Spirit of the Lord; your business shall not fail this year, your work will move to the next level. I feel like prophesying not like teaching here, a new season is right here for you.
The problem with many believers is that they’re not aware of what God is set to do for them, and that is a big problem because you might be working in opposite direction of the workings of God in your life if you don’t.
It is absolutely important you are aware of what he is set to do, believe it, be prepared for it. Doors you have been knocking for a long time will open this year, there is going to be the lifting up of gates for your passage in the name of Jesus.
Doors and gates are placed at the entrances of good, great and important places. I see doors to your important places opening, light is breaking forth on your path of destiny in the name of Jesus. As you knock on your door of greatness this year it will open up in Jesus name.
Live in the consciousness of this open doors, open doors means no limitations, no restriction of your movement, it means you can break forth to the right and the left. It also means availability of opportunities, there will be some great opportunities this year.
In part 2, I will be doing proper teaching on this, part 1 is just for the awareness, all I need you to do is to believe God and his word and there shall be manifestations. God bless you.
* I receive open doors in business.
* Open doors to important places in Jesus name.
Psalms 101, Matthew 23.
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