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2nd January
Text:: John 1:4,5.

4: In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
5: And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

The journey of another 365 days has began, every year holds blessings and challenges with it. Why challenges? Let me explain this way; at the entrance of every great place are gates, security post with personels, at least, someone will be there is ask you some questions, you can’t just pass through.
I once visited the Nigeria Presidential Villa (Aso Rock), no matter who you are, you will be checked at the entrance. There are always protocols at the entrance of any great place. This is applicable in the spirit realm; your next level of breakthrough might come with some challenges, questioning, interrogations, some powers will question your movement in the spirit, you are to answer them through prayer, some forces of darkness will confront you, you are to rebuke them through prayer, and sometimes fasting inclusive.
These challenges and confrontations are from the forces of darkness, they are referred to as darkness. It is like saying you will see darkness as you journey in life, but don’t be scared there is provision for light, the forces and enemies of your progress as seen as agents of darkness.
God has made provision for light in our life, if your read from verse 1 of our passage, you will understand that everyone who has Jesus as Lord and savior has this light I am talking about. Verse 4 says, ‘ In him was life, and the and the life was the light of men ‘. So, God packaged this light in Christ, our relationship with Jesus brings this bright light of God forth in our lives.
Now listen to this; verse 5 of our passage is all you need to go through this year, it is the only solution to challenges wrapped in the year, PLEASE NOTE: challenges are not meant to bring you down, as I said earlier; before you to enter a great place you will be questioned (challenged), you will be interrogated, if are not going to a great place, if it is a common place like market, no one like question you. This is applicable to your journey of life; if you will do great things in life some forces will not want you to do them, so, they will challenge you, that is what people call challenges of life.
Some people have delay in child bearing because they are meant to deliver a great child: Sarah, Hannah , Elizabeth are all good examples here. Since the devil knows that what you carry will wreck havoc in his kingdom he wouldn’t let you go easily.
The goodnews is this; our light shines in darkness, that is challenges, and the darkness (challenges) cannot overpower our light. As you stay with your maker you can be sure of this light. Nothing shall be strong enough to pull you down or backwards. God bless you.
* Help me Lord to stay with you.
* Let your bright light shine in my life in the name of Jesus.
Psalms 96, Matthew 18.
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