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Prevailing Voice Daily 18th December

18th December
Text: Psalms 91:11 KJV

11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. 

Angels are spirit being created by God, to worship Him and to serve Him, they are heavenly creatures loaded with power and authority. Let’s look at a brief account of the activities of angels in the scripture:

  • Angels are constant worshippers of God without retiring Rev 4:8, Isaiah 6:2-4
  • They are warriors, for example one angel sent by God killed 70,000 men in one day according to 1 Chronicles 21
  • They are messengers of God to men (Daniel 9-10)
  • Their appearance and a sight of them is fearful such that men who see them face to face fear for their lives Judges 6:22.

As great and mighty creatures, the angels were, I perceived they would be envious of men. What do I mean? Like angels men are also creatures of God created to worship God and show forth His praises according to 1 Peter 2:9. Man is also created to serve God as stated in Romans 12:11. However, God;

  • Made man in his own image after his likeness meaning God made man just like Himself, but such was not said of the angels Gen 1:26
  • Blessed man to multiply his kind, replenish (spread) all over the earth, gave him dominion to subdue the earth and everything created on earth (Gen 1:27-28), such was not said of the angels
  • Is mindful of man, and so the Psalmist says Who is man, that thou art mindful of him? Psalms 8:5
  • Keeps angels in charge of man to minister to him and guard him Psalms 91:11 says For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. 
  • The climax of it is that Jesus will make the overcomers (men not angels) to sit with him on his throne (Revelation 3:21), exalted above the angels, the same exalted seats prepared by the angels but not to be seated upon by them.

Dearly beloved, it is a great privilege to be a man born of the spirit and washed in his blood, no wonder the devil and his demons (fallen angels) would not give up on man because they are envious of his God given glory. So what shall separate you from the love of God and make you lose your place in God. Think on these things. God bless you
* Father, I will not lose my glory and my place in you in Jesus Name.
Psalms 84. Matthew 6.
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21-23 December, 2018
Guest minister. Rev. Tunde Babatunde
Pastor. Gbolahan Akinola and Samsax.


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