Prevailing Voice Daily 16th November

16th November
Topic: AN ENDLESS LIFE ….part 2.
Text: Daniel 12:1-3

2: And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

We give glory to God who through this daily devotional guide touches lives in different parts of the world, a proof that God speaks is the fact that testimonies accompany his word. Lack of vital knowledge of life is the greatest tragedy that can befall a man, the richest man on earth is the one with adequate vital information about his being.

In part 1 of this teaching I did explain that human life is endless, if you miss it you will need to read it here

In this part 2, you will need to follow me with patience to get the vital message here; every human will live forever either in hell or heaven, why do you live as if the fact is not truth? We feel shock anytime we hear about someone’s death, the fact is that yours will come one day, though I wish you long life but definitely you leave this world one day.

Ensure you do not spend your eternity in hell with the devil, you should help people around to do the same, listen to this: the best gift you can give anyone is to save his or her from hell, let me come out in clear terms; we have people, relatives, friends who are not born again, and we are doing nothing about the salvation of their souls, no matter the gifts you showered on them in this world, if they are not born again they will go to hell, so says the scriptures not me. What a waste of resources will it be if you find a child you spend so much on in hell? How come you are so concerned about the education of a child but you careless about the salvation of his or her soul?

Some of us have aged people around who are closer to their grave, and you are careless about the salvation of their souls. If you get to heaven and you see your loved ones in hell. you will feel sad for them, how will you feel if you see your father, mother, sons or daughters burning in hell? We can help them now, by committing their souls into the hand of God, how come you pray breakthrough and success for them without bothering about the salvation of their souls?

Anyone who misses heaven will be in eternal pains, in hell there is no past tense because they keep doing one thing forever and that is crying for pains. Losing anyone to hell is a collosal lose. Take up the challenge of interceding for your friends and relatives and people around you, preach the gospel of salvation and be a soul winner.
God bless you.

* Oh Lord touch every sinner around me for salvation.
* Make me a soul winner.

Psalms 53, 2 John 1.
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