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Prevailing Voice Daily 27th October

27th October
Text: James 5:14 KJV
14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

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Last week we learnt that the place of an elder is a place of wisdom, peace, prayer and blessing.
However, it is not so with all elders. The place of some elders is not a place of wisdom, prayer and blessings but ignorance, foolishness and curses. There are two kinds of elders we want consider today and they are:

  • The Godly Elders: These are the right kind of elders to associate with in the church, society or home because they carry the spirit of God, they give the right counsels, they are peacemakers and not trouble makers, they are full of wisdom, they give the right direction to the younger ones and takes responsibilities for their well being. This kind of elders are the ones mentioned in our text above to be called upon to pray the prayer of faith for the sick. When you see these kinds of elders you will know them, just as the scriptures say by their fruit you shall know them.

  • The Ungodly Elders: These kinds are bad influence in the society, home and even in the church. They are not carriers of God’s spirit, and most of the time controlled by the flesh especially what they will get from others, I mean the satisfaction of their stomach is their top most priority. They have no good thing to offer because they are empty and those who are not empty are poisonous like vipers cause they are full of wickedness. The subject of mercy is not in their agenda and so would not forgive the younger ones who offends them even if such were their children. They give bad counsels and have no prayer or blessings to render to the younger ones. These kinds of elders turn the home of their children into troubles zones and fire zones, their society into a place of hatred and disunity and when found in the church, they make it a place of gossip, backbiting and disunity, please beware of them.

As I conclude, it it important we always pray for our elders and that the spirit of God will be upon them.
* Father, our elders in the church, home and society will not be agent of darkness in Jesus Name.
Psalms 34, Hebrews 13.
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