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Prevailing Voice Daily 15th October

15th October
Text : Proverbs 13:4
4: The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.
The focus in part 3 and 4 is SOLVING SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS, I will shed more on solving spiritual problems in part 6, in this part, part 5, the focus is solving financial problem, it is arranged in that manner because Monday is dedicated to discussing financial matters.
I want to discuss how to make money here, let me start by saying this; everyone who makes money legitimately is a problem solver, if whatever you do is aimed at solving problems, then you can be sure of getting paid for it. A wise person does not go in search of money, but thinks of how to solve problems.
It is important to know this; don’t be money conscious, but be conscious of solving problems, a money conscious person scares people away from himself, no one will want to commit money into his care, but when you are conscious of solving people’s problems, people will commit money into your hands.
This is how it works, people make money to meet their needs and solve problems, if you offer to meet their needs, you can be sure of getting paid for job done. Since human wants are unlimited, human beings spend money limitlessly, so as long as you are in the business of meeting needs you will keep making money.
Your occupation or business must aim at meeting needs and solving people’s problems.
Wherever you are, as long as there are people and issues there, there are always needs to meet and problems to solve, a diligent soul will use his mind and thinks about how to meet those needs and that will in turn bring him money.
Mark Zuckerberg connects the world via FACEBOOK, countless people who had lost contact have been reconnected via Facebook, and you know what? That guy is seriously rich. See beloved, it is your work that pays you, not your boss, you can’t earn above the income your work can generate, in other words, you pay yourself, no one pays you, but your work, if you work well, you earn well and live well.
Please permit to share my experience; I set up a company with the name B. SQUARE ASOK VENTURES when I resigned from where I was working, the vision is to solve housing problems, and that includes construction, documentations, purchase of land, property management etc, what informed this idea? Many people think huge amount of money is needed to own a house, with my experience in sales of building materials, you don’t need so much as some people think to build a decent structure for yourself.
People also think you need thorough supervision which in turn takes your time for other things, with our company you don’t need that, and it will amaze you to know that we charge modestly to give our clients the best. Solving these housing problems is our aim, so, your job must aim at solving problem in a particular sector. God bless you.
* Lord give direction in meeting people’s needs and solving problems.
Psalms 22, Hebrews 1.
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