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Prevailing Voice Daily 22nd September

22nd September
Text: Mark 10:9KJV
9 Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.
Another major issue common in marriages is conflict. Every relationship experiences conflict and so marriage as an institution is not left out. The causes of conflict are enormous and so we cannot attempt to discuss it all here but we shall mention some important factors that cause conflicts in marriages and their resolutions.

  • Spiritual Factor: We had established that God instituted marriage with blessings, and that devil on the other hand is out by every means to hinder, or destroy God’s plan in any home and so one of the devices he often put in place to achieve his evil mission is conflict. You would wonder a home that is blissful suddenly turns to a quarrelling and fighting home and when you ask both parties involve they tell you they can’t explain where things actually went go or they tell you a very insignificant cause which in time past they do overlook but now its an issue. Such conflicts are devices of the devil to destroy your home, you have to pray against such spirit in your home and strengthened the cord of love.
  • Physical Factors: Some factors which when ignored or not carefully handled could be magnified by the devil to destroy they home are:
    1,Keeping secrets: Secrets in any relationship especially marriage is a potential bomb that can scatter the home when it is exposed. Couples, be open to each other, discuss everything and don’t keep your spouse in the dark for any reason.
    2, Provoking your spouse: Don’t do things that your spouse hate continually, if he/she corrects you about his/her dislike, try keep to it to avoid provocation, don’t take him/her for granted and don’t despise his/her love and submission for you.
    3, Irresponsibility: Irresponsibility of any of the party can cause conflicts. Don’t fail in your responsibility to your spouse, your home and your marriage.

Dearly beloved, God has good purpose for your home, so guard it against the devil and make it a peaceful place to dwell free of conflicts and troubles. God bless you
* Father, remove conflicts in my home and let your peace reign in Jesus Name
Job 41, Colossians 4
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