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Prevailing Voice Daily 17th September

17th September
Text : Psalm 100:2,3
2: Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
3: Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
When you study the Bible without inspiration from the Holy Spirit, it will seem to you like you’re reading any other book e.g newspaper, academic textbooks, but it is not so when the Holy Spirit inspires the study. I have learnt to trust God for revelations from his word from my teenages, my prayer point has always been; Lord open my eyes to understand the mysteries of your word.
It obviously shouldn’t be read like any other book because it is the book of Life, I will speak more on this when I start a series I called ‘ WORD SERIES ‘. If you study this passage without being inspired you will think verse 3 is making just 2 points, but no sir/ma it has a lot to deliver, we don’t dwell on a bible passage to pass the time, we share as the Holy Spirit inspires us, every bible passage is loaded with life and spirit, a good student of the bible will give diligence to get the life the word of God delivers.
Still on verse 3 beloved, honestly I don’t know how long it will take us, but I won’t be in haste so that I won’t deprive someone of his or her blessings.
Look at this ‘…..we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture ‘. What does this mean? Please follow me patiently: it is means the writer of Psalm 100 is talking to God’s people, saved souls, believers, those that are born again. By ‘ the sheep of his pasture ‘ he meant first of all God is a shepherd, he has flock of sheep, his people, saved souls, and also he has pasture for them.
As a good shepherd he doesn’t make his sheep wander about in search of pasture, he has pasture already for them. What point am I making here? God has made provisions for us, he has not brought us to this world to make us suffer, you are not meant to suffer here, it is not God that is responsible for your lack.
How can you think that God is taking you through financial crisis to training you? God is not wicked, he is kind and merciful. Have you ever wondered why man was his last creature? The answer is simple; he made everything ready for man’s consumption, he made provisions for them first before their existence, in like manner, God has made provision for you before you were born.
While you were still in your mother’s womb everything you will need on Earth has been provided. You lack because you are yet to discover the provisions that are made for you. There is a place of blessings for you, there is something you will do that will bring you great financial fortune, your task is to discover the divine provisions for your life. In part 6, I will speak more on his pasture, and how a scripture that talks about pasture transformed my life. God bless you.
* Lord help me to discover the provisions you have made for me.
Job 36. Philippians 3.
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