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Prevailing Voice Daily 29th August

29th August
Topic: A TRAVELLER …part 8
Text : 2 Samuel 12:4
4: And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man’s lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him.
We started this teaching on the note that King David had a Traveller/ Guest/ Visitor but entertained the traveller/ Guest/ Visitor by illegal means (wrongly), and there were consequences for his actions, so the focus of this teaching has been how you entertain your guest/ traveller/visitor, if you have been following from part 1, you would have known the perspective from which I am writing, I have discussed a number of travellers, in this part let’s quickly uncover another set of travellers.
A Traveller is someone that is passing by, he is not here to stay, just passing through, many times you hear someone says, ‘ I am passing through somethings ‘. The fact is that those things are passing through you, not you passing through them, how do I mean? You didn’t call for them, most times you’re not expecting problem, problem just came against your wish. For instance someone who is suddenly diagnosed with cancer didn’t call for it, so it will be wrong to say she is passing through, now it is cancer that is passing through her body, and when cancer leaves, her body remains.
The bad things you are experiencing now are passing through you, many bad things have passed, but you are still alive and strong. How you entertain the problems, the challenges, the difficulties, that come with time determines what you make out of them, the truth is that all these things are travellers, but they can become landlords if they are not properly handled, ordinary malaria can kill a man if not treated, while another man can live long with HIV in his body if he takes his drugs.
Can I shock you? You are not to be conquered by ANY circumstance, you’re not meant to bow to ANY pressure of life, see, this is not to excite you, it is not a form of motivation, but the truth about your being if you’re born again. Let me use one scriptural passage to buttress this; 1John 5:4 For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
The phrase ‘ overcomes the world ‘ means overcomes bad times of the world, unpleasant things in the world. Understand that this challenge/ problem is a traveller, if I entertain it, it will prosper in my life, but if I discard it, reject it, rebuke it, eliminate it, destroy it, BY FAITH IN GOD THROUGH JESUS , it will have no effect on my life.
Every ugly situation is A TRAVELLER, it must pass in the name of Jesus. God bless you.
* As we wait upon the Lord today, reject and discard every unpleasant thing around your life and family.
Job 18, 2 Conrintians 9.
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