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Prevailing Voice Daily 28th August

28th August
Text: Psalms 122:1 KJV
1 I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.
In part 1 & 2, we said God dwells in heaven and dwells in his temples (church or house of God) on earth. We also said some places where men seek God are not God’s temple but shrines and occultic temples, so today we want to discuss on how to know or identify the guinuine house of God.
I will like to point out two things before we continue:
* There are temples called church or house but were never of God but of the devil
* There are churches that were of God when established but along the line lose touch of God (Read “when a church loses touch of God” here for reference. www.raisedbygrace.wordpress.com/2018/06/10/prevailing-voice-daily-10th-june-3/). We must run from those two categories because the presence of God cannot be found there.
Some indicators to identify the genuine house of God are:
* Holiness: God is holy and so he can only dwell in a holy temple. So if you seek God in a church, you must ascertain that the place is holy, that it is not a place desecrated by sin (e.g fornication, adultery, lies, blood sacrifice e.t.c)
* Truth and Purity: God’s house must be absolutely pure because God himself is as pure as light (James 1:17). Purity entails truth (that is the temple operate solely on the word & power of God without additional aid e.g red cloth, candles, coconut, cross e.t.c). Purity also entails cleanliness, God temple must be clean and neat and not like a place that is dirty and looks unclean for months which is a usual characteristics of shrines.
* Idoiless: The genuine house of God does not have idolic symbol and no graven images (Exodus 20:3-5). Unlike shrines and occultic temples which are altars of blood sacrifice, and would usually find red idolic symbol indicating blood around the altar or in the temple or even idolic images.
* The Spirit of God: Since God dwells in his temple, his presence is there and his spirit does manifest. Now the spirit of God is the most important indicator, if you carry the spirit of God in you, you will know if you are truely in the house of God or not. This indicator superceed all other indicators. So be a carrier of God’s spirit, God bless you.
* Father, help me to dwell daily in your presence.
Job 17, 2 Conrintians 8.
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