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Prevailing Voice Daily 29th June

29th June
Topic: PASSING THROUGH.. ( part 5)
Text : 1 Samuel 30:10-19
11: And they found an Egyptian in the field, and brought him to David, and gave him bread, and he did eat; and they made him drink water;
I have to bring this series to an end today because of 18 DAYS OF SPECTACULAR ACTS, I am feeling excited already because of what God is set to do through this program. Starting from Monday 2nd of July we will start waiting upon the Lord for 18 days, 2nd to 18th and 21st July. 21st will be 7 HOURS WITH GOD; PRAISE AND POWER CONFERENCE. It is certainly going to be a life transforming encounter. You can break your fast anytime from 3pm each day.
In part 4, I did say that there are 2 major times and seasons in the life of everyone; time of pleasure and time of pressure, in either of the times you will meet people as you pass through, while you’re going through pleasure, some people are under serious pressure, you are passing through the earth with them. Even in your time of pressure, your condition is still better than some.
The focus here is helping someone to pass through or helping someone as you pass through, don’t be like some people who say ‘ everyone with his or her cross, carry yours and let me carry mine ‘. As you go through this world of sin encourage someone to serve God, spread righteousness, preach holiness, encourage someone to go to church, intercede for someone, seek to lift others, never seek the downfall of anybody, we’re all passing through, no one is the enemy of another but the devil. While you’re on low level seeking to go higher someone is in a pit waiting for who will help him out.
Time will fail me to make exposition on our passage, let just make one or two points from there; King David and his men were under serious pressure here; wanting to rescue their wives and children from the hands of the enemies, they shouldn’t have time for anyone except the Amalekites who invaded their territory, Ziglag, in their absence, but here they found a dying Egyptian, they could have left him and just pass through, but rather gave him the best of care.
The rescued Egyptian brought them great recovery. That person who needs your help today might be in a position to be a blessing to you tomorrow, God made us to be useful to one another. David and his men helped the Egyptian in their time of pressure, what a sacrifice? what a selfless act? they got victory in return.
As you help others to pass through this world, you’re signing in for your breakthrough in life. Most times the people you help have nothing to offer you, but be sure your reward is on the way. As you pass through this world help someone to pass through, be concern about someone’s future and destiny. God bless you.
*Lord Make me a blessing to others.
2 Chronicles 27, Acts 9.
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