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Prevailing Voice Daily 30th May

30th May
Text: 2 Chronicles 26:5
5: And he sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God: and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper.
A car does not necessarily have to breakdown before one takes it to a mechanic, when you start noticing some signs, or unusual noise, or when a part is not working well. Sometimes even when there are no signs but you just visit a mechanic for a check.
Seeking God is not basically because there is a challenge, even though challenges propel us to seek God, but basically for your life to function at it best. No matter the level you’re today there is a higher level, and your life can get the best only when you seek God.
Have you ever wondered why the 3 men who first visited Jesus in the manger were referred to as WISE MEN? The bible could have given us their names but their actions got them a name that sounds louder than what they use to be called. The simple answer is that wise people seek God always, they always have longing for God. Your knowledge about God, the almighty, determines how life will run.
No matter what I have now or what I do now, I can do better as I devote my time and life to seek the author of life. Just as only a mechanic can put a car in it best state, so it is only God, the author of life, who can make your life function at it best. The first point I am making here is that WISE MEN SEEK GOD, when a man seeks God don’t mistake him for a miracle seeker, everyone of us needs God always, it is wise to interact with him before you leave your house each day.
From our text: ….and as long as he (Uzziah) sought the Lord, God made him to prosper. God is the only reason why our lives prosper, he is the reason why your business prospers, he is reason you own a house or houses, he is the source of your well being, he is the reason you have a peaceful home. And if life has not been pleasant for you, and it appears you have nothing, he (God) is the reason why you still have life, he is reason why you have not lost your life, though you have lost so much.
As you seek him like Uzziah God will make you prosperous. Seeking God is seeking to better your life, it is simply visiting the author of life to put in order whatever is out of order in your life. It is approaching God to put your life in it best state.
As I seek God one thing is certain; he keeps watch over my life, family, and business, He won’t allow me suffer setback. My life will run at it best. Wise men seek God because they know he will better their lives. Join the class of wise men who seek God, your best is found in God, your life will be made as you seek him. God bless you.
* I need more of you Lord.
1 Chronicles 17, Luke 18.
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