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Prevailing Voice Daily 29th May

29th May
Text: Matthew 11:28 KJV
Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Life could really be so challenging and complicated, especially when you are living below your desired expectation. You look around you, nothing seems to give you joy, no fulfilment on your job, full of complaints because you are under paid, over laboured and the job has taken the whole of your life time. The situation of the nation is not helping matter either, economy is upside down, corruption every where, poverty on the increase, everyone thinks of himself and careless about anyone else. What about the neighbourhood or environment? Joy is not found there either, no security to lives and properties, no cooperation among neighbours, insincerity is the order of the day among fellow house occupants.
The home or family which should have at least be a source of joy and rest, is also not meeting up to expectations; quarrels, unresolved differences, inadequate funds resulting in disagreement between couples, health issues, children troubles e.t.c
The life above is a clear picture of the life of an average man on earth, I mean a natural man who labours and is heavily laden.
From our text above, Jesus gave a call to everyone, who desire rest and want to find joy in this life. Jesus is the real source of joy, a permanent source and not temporal, He is tested, trusted, guaranteed and He cannot fail or disappoint you.
King David, a great king, with wealth, fame and power would not joke with that joy, despite all he had, David craved for the this joy in God, see Psalm 51:11-12 “Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me, restore unto me the joy of thy salvation…”
Beloved, if you desire real joy and rest in life, come unto Jesus today, He will surely give it to you. God bless you.
* Father, I receive your joy into my life in Jesus Name
1 Chronicle 26, John 2.
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