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Prevailing Voice Daily 26th April

Apr 30, 2018

26th April
Text: 2 Corinthians 13:14 KJV
14 The grace of the Lord JESUS CHRIST, the love of GOD, and the fellowship of the HOLY SPIRIT, be with you all.
The concept of Trinity is a mystery often very difficult to understand by so many people even Christians. The word Trinity is commonly know or interpreted as the three-in-one God, it means just one God head but manifest in three different personality who are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy spirit.
The first person in Trinity is the father, He is the Almighty God, the maker of heavens and earth, He made the heavens his throne and the earth his foot stool (Isaiah 66:1)
The second person in trinity is the son, he is also a personality, his name is Jesus Christ and he is also called the word of God (John 1:1-4). The word of God (Jesus) is God himself, let’s look at it this way, if a president of a nation gave you a written note (words) to a head of a ministry with instruction to do certain things, you can be sure that the minister would carry out that instruction to the utmost, why? It’s because the written words from the president is as good as the president himself physically present, meaning the written words of the President is the President himself.
Another example is when you as a person leaves instruction for your children to do something before you return home, even though you are not around physically, the instruction you left (words) will compel them to do what you say cause anytime they remember what you said, it is as if you are with them physically. So as the word of a man is the man himself, likewise the word of God (Jesus) is God himself. Jesus also affirmed it in John 10:30-36, He says I and my father are one.
The third person in trinity is the Spirit. He is called the Holy spirit and he is also a personality. The spirit of God is also God himself. Let’s take a look at this simple illustration, when you watch local movies and someone dies in the movie, they will show that a spirit rise from the dead body and it now appears the person is two, one is the body dead on the floor and the second is the spirit standing probably walking away from the dead body, now you will see that the spirit that rose from the dead body is an exact replica of the dead body, meaning its the same person but in different state or form. So the Holy spirit or the spirit of God is God himself in a different manifestation.
Dearly beloved, The trinity that is God in three persons exist, and its important we understand this mystery for a better relationship with God. God bless you.
* God, help me to know you more, give me a deeper revelation of your word and let your spirit abide with me in Jesus Name.
2 Kings 18 Mark 10.
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