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Prevailing Voice Daily 18th April

18th April
Text : Hebrews 10:38
38: Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.
Realms play major role in your achievement in life. It is generally believed that the spirit realm controls the physical. Realm is simply defined as a domain in which something is dominant, so by FAITH REALM I mean a realm where faith is dominant.
It is important you know that nothing happens by mistake, every event is a product of the activities from a particular realm. The saying ‘ what will be will be ‘ is absolutely wrong, someone or something makes things happen, no one life’s is programmed to run in a particular order automatically, the way you live your life determines what you get from it.
Knowledge plays major role in life, world civilization is a product of knowledge, nothing just come into existence, someone made a move to bring it to existence. Your situation will remain the same without a course of action. Our lives flow from God, and if there is going to be transformation in our lives it must come from God, the only communication link to God is FAITH.
The connecting link to God is faith, no one walk with Him without faith, your best of life can only come from Him through faith. Faith is seeing things the way God sees them, nothing is impossible with God, so God sees everything possible, when you see all things possible then you live in faith realm, so it is not out place to say, ‘ faith realm is God’s realm, so when you are trusting God for something, see it from the point of what God can do, and not from physical or factual point of view.
Sometimes available facts contend with our faith, faith is not based on facts, faith surpasses facts and figures, faith surpasses proven medical reports, faith surpasses proven scientific facts, faith realm is basically God’s realm, it has to do with God. It is basically bring God into a matter, it is basically handling a matter to God.
Faith is shifting attention from facts, figures, proven scientific reports, proven medical reports, physical evidences to God. It is keeping your eyes from anything that can discourage you to God of possibilities.
You can change your situations by switching to faith realm, your unpleasant situations can change to pleasant ones as you switch to faith realm. It is wrong to feel natural about things, life itself is not natural, something propel the existence of all things, you gat to connect to the source of life, God, to get your life going in the course of destiny.
When unpleasant things happen log in to faith realm, that is the realm that keeps you going and conquering, the scripture is very clear in our passage today, ‘ Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him ‘. If you lose your faith you will look back. God bless you.
* Apply faith this day as we wait upon the Lord, for transformation in life.
* Reverse negative occurrences in your life by faith using the name of Jesus.
2Kings 10 Mark 4.
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