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Prevailing Voice Daily 16th April

16th April
Topic: ‘..FOR THOU ART DUST..’ ( part 3 )
Text: Genesis 3:19
19: In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.
As the Spirit of the Lord expands this scripture in my spirit I get insight. In this part 3 I want to share THE IMPORTANCE OF DUST ‘, if you ask me why God made man from dust, I will say probably because of the importance of dust.
Permit me to use dust and sand or soil interchangeably, soil is of great importance to humanity, no nation can do without produces from soil, no technology can make any nation do without soil. No plant, crops, fruit, grows without soil, so it is not out of place to say, ‘ no soil, no food ‘, everyone feeds from the soil.
Just as a farmer cultivates soil, plants seed to grow crops so also God plants seed in every man to bring forth fruit meet for his destiny. The seed a farmer plants eventually becomes food for humanity, God plants in every man great potentials so that each of us can be a blessing to his or her world.
We all are made of dust to grow great potentials God deposited in us, the potentials are the seed, every man is expected to let God’s seed in him grow, no man is made empty, no man is made without potentials. Can I shock you? The seed of God in you is what God has given you to go through life successfully, it is what will make your glory shine.
Can I shock you again? No one is born poor, before you disagree let me explain; money is not recognized in heaven? If it is, which currency ( dollars, pounds, or euro)? None is recognized, what God does is to put in every man what he needs to go through life. No matter how strong the challenges of a man is, God has deposited in him what he needs to conquer those challenges before he was born. Those deposits of God in man will command currency of any country he founds himself into his hands.
The seed of God in man points towards his destiny, let me you give examples that you can relate with: if Bill Gate had studied medicine in school, he won’t be as rich as he is today, if Christian Ronaldo is a professor in an university today he won’t be a great footballer, his parents would have made great mistakes if they had discouraged him from playing football.
This is the point of the matter, when you discover the deposit of God in you, and you allow it grow, you won’t just be successful, you will also be a name in your generation. If Pastor. W. F Kumuyi , general superintendent of The Deeper Life Bible, had remained a lecturer in the university, he would have died with great potentials.
This is summary of what I am sharing here, you must always remember this; I am made of dust, sand or soil, God sow some seed in me, those are potentials to go through life successfully, I must discover God’s deposits in me and let them grow. God bless you.
* Help me Lord to discover your deposits in me.
* Help me to grow them.
2 Kings 8 Mark 2.
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