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Prevailing Voice Daily 6th March

6th March
Text: James 4:6
6 But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.
Pride refers either to a justified or excessive belief in one’s own worth, merit, superiority, etc, It could also implies an exaggerated opinion of oneself, one’s achievements, etc. The negative impact of pride could be very dangerous and it’s a great weapon in the hand of the devil against any man.
Other danger of pride are:

  • Lack of Help: Pride in a man, makes such a person to be full of himself, and sees himself as a mountain or highland of achievement and success. In addition it makes such fellow feels he can do without others, therefore in critical times when such a fellow really needs help he might have too much pride to ask for help, certainly he will suffer lack of help. On the other hand, no one will ordinarily want to render help to anyone with pride because such help may not be appreciated by the fellow with pride or he may even turn it around and say he would have achieved such thing without any help. Even God resist the proud, so how would God help whom He has resisted?, except by mercy at the point of repentance.
  • Lack of Grace: From our text above, God resists the proud but give grace to the humble, it means that God cannot release His grace upon the proud. The reason is not far fetched, its simply because the proud will not ascribe the glory to God but unto himself, and God said His glory will He not share with any man. This also implies that if a man carries the grace of God, and then pride sets in, the grace will gradually or suddenly disappear, in other words, where there is pride, grace is not available and when grace is not available life becomes difficult.

Dearly beloved, by every parameter, pride is not good and its dangerous, its a powerful weapon in the hands of the enemy to bring down any man. So it pays to be humble and have God’s grace in life. God bless you.
* Father, make me humble in heart and take pride away from me.
2 Samuel 17, Revelation 13.
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