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Prevailing Voice Daily 8th January

8th January
Text : Proverbs 19:21
21: There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.
Every wise man sets plans as he enters the new year, good at it maybe not all plans come to pass, the plans of men most times, are mere guesses, should we then say, it is not good to plan? No and never should anyone say that, but what is the benefit of plans that will fail? Of course mere futility, what then is appropriate?
Let me come out this way: imagine a boy of 6 years who wants to plan his career himself, please tell me, what does he know? Or a 13 years old girl who brought a man home and say ‘ daddy, this is the man I want to marry ‘, believe me honestly, matters of life are not easily understood by human senses, oh! how many things look good to you last year but you latter find out that they are not it at all?
Is it good to plan, of course not just good but excellent, planning in line with God’s counsels for your life, engaging God in your plans. In actual truth, if God loves you he won’t let your plans against his counsel for you stand. A good example is this; if I have plan of relocating to United States of America, probably to get a job and earn a living, of course that plan sounds good, if God’s plans for me is to start a big company in my country, that will make me an employer of labour, if he loves me, no matter how much I tried he won’t allow me travel.
Now if I waste time and resources trying to relocate to US, and later realize that God has something bigger and better for in my country, I might have wasted a whole year and a huge sum, but if I engage God in my plans, I will plan along with his great plan for me, and if I own a good company, doing well, I can go to US at will.
In all ramifications God’s plan is always bigger and better than ours, can I shock you? He loves you more than you love yourself, he is interested in your well being, he has drawn a roadmap to your destiny, as you get close to him, he reveals his plans for you, and as you plan along you can be sure of divine backing, at that point no devil can stop you.
I honestly desire that this year will not be a waste in your life, you won’t waste your time and resources, starting from this month you will start counting your blessings, breakthrough, success etc.
It is indeed going to be a great year for us all, but we must plan in line with God counsels for our lives. God bless you.
* Lord show me the way this year .
* Give me direction, tell me where to cast my net , in Jesus name.
Judges 21, 2 Timothy 1.
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