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Prevailing Voice Daily 3rd January

3rd January
Text : Psalms 68:19
19: Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.
I would have love to share more on the spirit life this morning, but I considered it necessary to talk about the packages of blessings that await you this year, and by the grace of God on Friday 5th of January, I will be sharing LIVING FROM THE SPIRIT REALM, it is going be highly inspiring.
I urge you not to miss any write up of the PREVAILING VOICE DAILY this year, believe me honestly, Pastor Stephen Olumade, and I are charged by the Spirit of the Lord, and on this platform there will be life transforming messages this year, last year was awesome, we got amazing feedbacks, this year will be greater, the reason is because we wait upon the Lord for each write up.
From our text, it is stated in clear terms that God loads us with benefits, it means God gives us want will benefit us daily, not weekly, not monthly, not quarterly, not yearly, but daily, it is amazing to know that God cares about us everyday, Jesus taught us the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 and in verse 11 he said ‘ Give us this day our daily bread. ‘ There is daily bread provided by God for us.
Beloved whatever you want to achieve, year 2018 gives you 365 days, that is a lot, you have 365 days to buy a car if you so desire, 365 days to build a choice house, 365 days to earn good living, 365 days to better your life, men, that is adequate, 365 days of pleasing God and living in righteousness, 365 days of being a blessing to people around you, 365 days to get married if you are not. There are so many opportunities this year, it is loaded with blessings, the blessings drop daily from God.
Never think of the failure of yesteryears, never meditate on negative experiences of the past, it is a new dawn, and God is set to do something new in your life, don’t be weary, be strong, be positive, go out this year and possess your possessions, every day is declared blessed by God, reject every evil prophecy, and negative pronouncements, reject bad dreams, and stand up straight on the promises of God.
God loves you, and if there is anyone he wants to bless is you, you are not second class before God, your case is not pending, it right before God for proper attention, you are about to experience the breakthrough you have long desired, this is the year you have been waiting for, let nothing weigh you down. Celebration is knocking on your door, never feel inferior to anyone, God has given you the 365 days of this year for prosperity, joy, success, victory and most importantly to walk right with him.
It is absolutely important you know that the blessing of each day is given at the place of worship, don’t rush out of your house on any day, worship God the moment you’re awake from sleep, study the bible, commit each day to his hands and you will experience the blessing of each day. God bless you.
* Every day of this year will deliver blessings to my life.
* No blessing will elude me this year.
* My long awaited desire will be granted this year. In the name of Jesus.
Judges 16, 1 Timothy 4.
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