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Prevailing Voice Daily 16th December

16th December
Text: Hebrews 13:4a
4a- Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled.
From our scriptural text above, there are two key words about marriage. First it is honorable and secondly the bed undefiled. Let’s consider the first point
*Honourable: Our text says marriage is honourable in all, it means in every ramification and in all measures and parameters, marriage is honourable. It also means it does not matter the challenges, bad experiences, or short falls you have gone through or have heard from married couples, it is still an honourable institution.
In my own words I considered the following as part of the things that makes marriage honourable:
– It is established by God himself
– It is the oldest institution that ever exist on earth
– It is a mystery of 1 + 1=1
– It is God’s approved formula to multiply human on earth
– It is an institution that centers on love, where love is thought and practised
– It is an institution with responsibilities towards yourself and your partner e.t.c
Though marriage is honorable in all, yet its not without its challenges but you need to understand that there is someone whose mission is against you and your marriage, and that is the devil. According to John 10:10, devil comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. So when you face certain challenges in your marriage, I want you to remember that devil is happy with it because it is a tool or an avenue for him to fulfil his mission while on the other hand, God is not happy because it is totally against His original purpose for you, your marriage and your home. So as a child of God you need to be vigilant and shut the devil totally out of your marriage. Ephesian 4:27 says “Neither give place to the devil”. So don’t give devil any space to make your marriage dishonourable, keep him out of your home totally. God bless you
*Father, I destroy every strategy of the enemy to make my home hell on earth in Jesus Name
* Father, according to your word, make my marriage honourable in Jesus Name
Joshua 23, Philippians 4.
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