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Prevailing Voice Daily 15th December

15th December
Topic: THE SPIRIT OF A MAN ( part 2 )
Text : Proverbs 18:14
14; The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?
Still on the spirit of a man, in part 1, the emphasis is that the spirit of a man is the search light of God. My emphasis here is the feeling and the welfare of the spirit, you must have heard statements like ‘ my spirit is down ‘, ‘ my spirit is weary ‘, ‘ my spirit is lifted ‘ what happens is that your spirit responds to event and circumstances around you.
When bad things happen your spirit picks it, it usually began with thought, as you ponder over the event, it forms a feeling in your spirit, sometimes you lose your appetite as a result of that, you feel bored, you hate music. It therefore important you that you take a watch on your spirit, don’t allow events bother you much, cast your burdens on Jesus and trust him he will make everything right.
The spirit of a man can be defied, or polluted this makes a man to misbehave, his thought will be immoral, his ways will be crooked, such spirit will be manipulated by the devil and evil spirits, you must understand also here that the devil is a spirit, his acts are also spiritual, when the spirit of a man is defied, he can be manipulated by the devil. The devil takes advantage of the filthiness of spirit to destroy a man.
Let me give a good example for better understanding; when a married woman’s heart goes after another man, and nurses evil thoughts about him, imagines relationship with that man, her spirit is dirty or a man who can’t do without seeing lady who is not his wife, it is a indication that his spirit is defiled. Defilement of spirit makes a man imagine evil towards his neighbor, it makes a man plan evil for his fellow brethren, it does not make a man rejoice when his neighbor progresses, it generates envy, can I shock you? It makes you feel better than others, it makes a man self-centered.
The spirit of a man can also be wrong, you must have heard people say ‘ that man has a wrong spirit ‘ or ‘ I like his spirit ‘. A wrong spirit hurts the man that possesses it, it is more terrible than a defiled spirit, here the man does not think anything good about himself, he feels bad about himself, he doubts every of his steps, he regrets his actions, he feels sorry every now and then. The Psalmist was trying the get rid of this experience when he said in Psalms 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. This Psalm was after he took Uriah’s wife and killed him, he hated himself, so he considered it necessary to pray ‘ renew a right spirit within me ‘.
The good news is that your spirit can lively, cheerful, excited, I will focus on this next week by God’s grace, but it is also important you pray like David ‘ renew right spirit within me ‘, especially if you notice any of the instances I mentioned here. God bless you.
* Cleanse my spirit oh Lord.
* Renew a right spirit within me.
Joshua 22, Philippians 3.
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