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Prevailing Voice Daily 25th November

25th November
Text: Psalms 11:3 KJV
If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?
All parents want the best for their children, many want their children to be like them or let’s say take after them, while some want their children to be far greater and better than them, whichever maybe your desire, the summary of it all is that you want your children to be your pride.
It is often said that “A good child is pride to his parents while a bad child is a shame to them”. I pray for you that your children will not bring shame unto you in Jesus Name.
For your children to be your pride it primarily starts from you, you must lay a strong and good foundation for them to build on especially at the early stage of their lives. Let’s consider a few relevant things you must lay as foundation for your children:

  • BE A GOOD EXAMPLE: Naturally in life, likes begat likes, meaning what you are built with is what you will most likely build in your children. What I mean is this; if you are intelligent, you will most likely raise intelligent children, if you are productive or hardworking, your children will learn same from you, and if you are lazy, or you are a liar, wicked, troublesome, lousy, carefree e.t.c your children will mostly likely be just what you are. So its important you are a right person yourself before you can raise the right children. Think on this.
  • CREATE A RIGHT ENVIRONMENT: The environment around your children is important to their growth. If you want your children to be your pride, you must create a good environment for them. A child raised from a good home but returns home one day with unwanted pregnancy can’t be the parents’ pride and the problem is most likely from bad environment. When we say environment around your children it includes your home and outside your home. You need to be conscious and mindful of the following:

  • what they do in your absence.

  • level of freedom you permit at home e.g kind of films they watch, kind of games or fun they have among themselves.
  • how does your house help, nephew, cousins, brother-in-law or sister-in-law treat them or what they teach them especially in you absence.
  • the neighbours that watch over them when you are not around.
  • the kind of friends they keep in school and in the neighbourhood.
  • what they learn each day either in school or anywhere they go.

Your children are your responsibility, don’t just leave them at the care of others without you knowing their exposure. God bless you.
* Father, let my children bring me joy and glory.
Joshua 3, Galatians 2.
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