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Prevailing Voice Daily 10th November

10th November
Text: Genesis 27:1-30
22: So Jacob went near to Isaac, and his father felt him and said, The voice is Jacob’s voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau.
Deception is defined as misleading falsehood. Falsehood is wrecking havoc in many people’s lives, we live in a world of deception, some have lost huge some of money by believing lies. Several young ladies have gotten hooked to some terrible men, some lives have been lost because of falsehood.
We live with it everyday, and some people around us who comport themselves as angels are really terrible people, some people have packaged their entirely life in falsehood, this message is aimed at preventing you from being their victims.
Those who live in falsehood are fraudulent, don’t try to change them, but first protect yourself, a clever fraudulent person will be seen as trustworthy fellow when he packages falsehood. Let me talk less of them, my emphasis is to ensure you are no longer Vitim of falsehood.
Falsehood is everywhere even in the church, in fact, it is greater in the church, it begins from dressing, goes on to conduct; church rules and regulations most times, does not allow us know the true nature of people, for instance; an armed robber can look very much like a Pastor, all he needs is to dress in suit and quote some verses of the bible,
See beloved, deception is destructive, one experience can leave you with a life time memory, it is important you avoid being a Vitim .
* Making findings: you notice someone trying to come close to you, ask questions about him, if he has hurt people in the past, you will know.
*Lies: falsehood is simply defined as lies, telling lies seems to become common everywhere, becareful of a friend who tells lies, he is a disaster to happen some days, when people stay with you, you will know how truthful they are, especially their conversation on phone with people, for instance; someone telling lie about where he is as at time of making call, that person will some days hurt if you trust him.
* A careful look: don’t be in a haste to accept people, a careful look will reveal their true state, no one will present himself bad, even the devil presented himself good to Eve and Adam. Jesus was very clear about this in Matthew 7:16, You will fully recognize them by their fruits..’ Amp.
* By the Holy Spirit: please know this: God is not responsible for any loss you incur in finance, marriage, health, etc, the reason is because he has given us his Spirit, as you wait on God, he gives you caution about people, the person or the offer might looks good but your spirit through the Holy Spirit will reject it. God bless you.
Next week Friday, I will focus on deception in the church.
* Lord help not to enter into wrong hands or wrong deal
* Separate me from every wrong person around my life.
Deuteronomy 23, 2 Corinthians 1
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