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Prevailing Voice Daily 16th October

16th October
Text : Matthew 6: 11
11: Give us this day our daily bread.
Our lives are made on daily basis, the events of everyday form your experience in life. Wise people put their lives on check everyday, not yearly, or monthly, our passage today is one of the statements of Jesus, it is a very clear statement, ‘ give us this day our daily bread ‘, he made us realize there is a daily bread supplied by God, it is important you understand that God is committed to meeting our needs, even on daily basis.
Everyday is suppose to deliver blessing to your life, at the end of each day you should be blessed, no day of our lives should be cursed, nothing should spoil your day, everyday has been made by God to be a blessing. Anytime you have a bad day, know that it is not from the Lord, it does not mean that challenges don’t come with each day, but the challenges most times are blessing in disguise, no challenge should leave you at the point of defeat, but at the point of victory.
Your understanding about each day plays a major role in your achievement and your experience in life, positive mindset about each day is the first step to having good day, it is important you do without the discouragement of previous days, start each day with renewed mindset, do not play back sad experiences in your mind, negative mindset propels negative actions, while negative actions will lead to another sad experience.
It is wise to see each day as new and expect new things, believe that the Lord has commanded each day to be a blessing, go to work each day with expectation of new things.
Look at this scripture: Psalms 68:19; Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Everyday is a blessed day, today inclusive, go and prosper this day and always.
* Give us this day our daily bread.
* Lord let everyday deliver blessing to my life and family.
Numbers 35 Romans 8.
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