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9th October
Text : Proverbs 4:7
7: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
Wisdom is defined as the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight. You can only apply the knowledge you have not the one you don’t have, it will not be out of place to say, no wisdom without knowledge, wisdom therefore necessitate the acquisition of knowledge.
Knowledge is acquired by training, you gat to train to acquire knowledge, it will not be out of place to also say; wisdom is absent when you acquire knowledge but you cannot apply. I might be sharing what is not common here, try to follow me. Have you observed that not everyone that is trained around you live a good life? a good number of people live below the knowledge they acquired, this is simply because they couldn’t apply the knowledge they acquired to benefit themselves and people around them, so it makes no difference as to either they acquire knowledge or not.
Let me quickly correct wrong mindset about knowledge acquisition; I use to think my dad was not educated until recently, I remember he could read and write in his native language but not English or French, he did made impact in his life and others, he was known in his community for who he was. This is because as local as his knowledge was he was able to impact his environment.
Theoretical knowledge adds little or no value, knowledge you can’t put into practice is half knowledge, train to a point you can apply the knowledge you acquired. This is training beyond paper or reading principles, train to a point of delivery, where your output can justify your knowledge.
Always assess yourself by KIP; Key Performance Indicator. Your performance, no employer wants to pay based on qualifications but base on performance. If you have a degree in mechanical engineering but you can’t fix a fault on a machine or vehicle it is basically half knowledge.
Train to the point you can deliver promptly, degrees and certificates are common but performance is the key, that is what brings money into your hands, it is what will make you prosperous, it is what will earn you good contract, if you are a lawyer and you can’t win a case, you won’t have good clients. In whatever field you are you must be able to deliver, train to excel in whatever you do. God bless you . Do have a prosperous week.
* Lord give me wisdom for outstanding performance.
Numbers 28 Romans 1.
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