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Prevailing Voice Daily 31st August

31ST August
Text: Ephesian 5:16 KJV
16- Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
It is an established truth that there are pleasant and unpleasant times in life according to Ecclesiastes 3. Our text above says we should redeem the time because there are evil days (evil times).
Evil times of life orchestrated by the devil are like timed bomb waiting to explode. This means as God unfolds His plans for His children in the space of time, devil also programmed his evil agenda and unfolds them with time (like a time bomb) in the lives of men, that’s why the scripture admonishes that we should not be ignorant of the devices of the devil. One of such devices is that devil can wait at certain junction in a man’s life to achieve his evil mission, for example, some lives or families could be under curses which would not manifest until they get to certain age or stage in life, then the curse is provoked to manifestation and often times, could cut short such lives.
Therefore beloved, understand that as God has plans for you, devil also does, and as God’s plans are time bound, devil’s evil mission too is time bound, but what you can do about the time is to redeem it. Our text says redeeming the time because the days are evil.
To redeem means to exchange with something or better still to buy something over with another thing. As God’s children, a great proven way to redeem evil time is through PRAYER. When you spend time with God in prayer, God clears evil out of your way; He also changes times and seasons from bad to good for your sake. So your prayer can buy over evil days, and can change evil time to good. Therefore beloved, pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonian 5:17), pray at all time (even when times are good), pray ahead of time (don’t wait till you sense unpleasant time), remember men ought always to pray and not to faint (Luke 18:1). God bless you
* Father, every evil planned against me in the journey of life, let them be terminated right now in Jesus Name
* Evil days will not catch up with me in Jesus Name
* I redeem every evil time of life by the blood of Jesus.
Exodus 31, John 13.
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