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Prevailing Voice Daily 10th July

10th July,
Topic: RAIN
( Day 7 of 17 Days of Spectacular Acts )
Text: Leviticus 26:1-12
Leviticus 26:4 Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.
I define RAIN as Reap All In No distant time. Harvest is impossible without rain, every labour of man requires the drops of water from heaven to get increase. When it has not rained for a while, everywhere will be stuffy, heat is inevitable, dust flies everywhere, plants will not grow. To shook you, even God released rain to bless His works in Genesis 2:5,6.
When rain falls upon a land it is a blessing from the Lord, in spiritual realm, when rain has not fallen upon a life, such life experiences heat, stains from dust. Every farmer finds things difficult when it has not rained, when you labour without rain falling on your life, life becomes difficult. This day we want to tell the Lord to release a downpour on us.
* Ask God to open heavens upon your life.
* Oh Lord let the heat around my life stop permanently.
* Let there be divine shower upon every good seed I sow.
* Rain brings freshness, let there be freshness in my life.
* Bring freshness into my family.
* After rain is harvest, let me enter into my time of harvest.
* Let there be showers of blessing upon my life and family.
* Oh Lord let my land yield her increase.
* Let my life be fruitful.
Genesis 30, Mark 4.
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