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Prevailing Voice Daily 28th June

28th June
Text : Luke 2:52
St. Luke 2:52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.
I found out that one way God blesses a man is by granting him favour before men, even Jesus was not exempted as His life attracted favour before men, but most times because God has used men to bless us or blessed us with men we tend to shift attention to men rather than God, and when we come to that, we lose that favour.
From our text, Jesus first had favour with God before having favour with men and that remains the order in the dealings of God with man. Jacob could be good example here; in Genesis 32:3 he sent people to plead with his brother, Esau, seeking his favour to let go of the past, but Esau would not but rather was coming against him with 400 men until Jacob had favour with God, and when he had obtained favour with God he needed to do nothing to make his brother love him again. So the favour first have to be with God before obtaining from man.
Daniel obtained favour with God and the lions had no choice than to favour him, Daniel 6:22. Fire favoured Shadrach Meshach and Abednego just because they had favour with God ,Daniel 3:22-30.
Look at this: Proverbs 18:22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD. It takes God’s favour to obtain any good thing, do you need a good job? It comes through God’s favour, it is that favour that will speak for you before people that will interview you, do you want get a big contract? You need God’s favour first, whatever good thing you need His favour must come first, Do you want your business to take new dimension? God’s favour must be obtained first.
Favour is obtained in God’s presence, prayer brings favour upon a man. This is how it works; seek God’s face on a matter before embarking on it, you want to make embark on a project, bring God’s hand upon it through prayer before starting. Pray before you plan, pray as you plan and pray as you execute your plans, you can be sure of favour with God and eventually favour with men as you go through this process. God bless you.
* Bring God’s hand upon your endeavors through prayer.
* It is another day to fast and pray, speak to God about matters of your life that requires His favour.
Genesis 18, Matthew 20
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