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Prevailing Voice Daily 9th April

Apr 9, 2017

9th April
Text : John 2: 1-25
St. John 2:19 Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.
St. John 2:20 Then said the Jews, Forty and six years was this temple in building, and wilt thou rear it up in three days?
St. John 2:21 But he spake of the temple of his body.
St. John 2:22 When therefore he was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this unto them; and they believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said.
Jesus understood His mission and purpose of coming to the world, according to the epistle of John, as He journeyed from Cana in Galilee where He performed His first miracle , He left for Capernaum with His mother and brethren, He didn’t stay there for many days when He journeyed to Jerusalem, and there He declared that He will destroy the temple of worship and build it up in 3 days, talking about His death and resurrection, that was His main purpose of coming to the world.
His death and resurrection is of great important to humanity, He came to break the old testament order of worship, strictly based on law given to Moses, He came to translate us into the era, dispensation or time of grace. That is, our worship to God now is purely based on grace not law.
He took away the harsh effect of law on old testament worshippers, the garment that separated the holiest of holy from the other parts of the temple was torn apart, this symbolizes that everyone who has embraced and who will embrace grace can have access to God, no need of intermediary. Embracing grace that came through the journey of Christ to the cross for His death and resurrection brings salvation, failure to embrace grace by giving your life to Jesus brings condemnation, look at this :St. John 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
I urge you to embrace grace today and desist from life of sin. God bless you.
* Lord Jesus I accept you as my Lord and Saviour.
* Hold me and help not to go back to sin.
Ezekiel 32,33.
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