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Prevailing Voice Daily 20th March

Mar 20, 2017

20th March
Text : Ecclesiastes 10:1-10
Ecclesiastes 10:9 Whoso removeth stones shall be hurt therewith; and he that cleaveth wood shall be endangered thereby.
Ecclesiastes 10:10 If the iron be blunt, and he do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct.
Stress is defined as a state of mental and emotional strain or suspense. It is important we understand that God gave us our bodies for keep, understand that someone gave you that body and you will give account of all that you do in the body.
We do not own ourselves, we are God’s, we are accountable to Him, just as I understand that nobody likes stress, situations and circumstances warrant some times that we go through stress, but it can be managed or controlled.
There are self inflicted stress, probably because of money, people in this class should always remember that ‘ it is not how far, but how well ‘ the race is not always to the swift nor battle to the strong, it is only God’s blessing that makes rich and adds no sorrow. I am not encouraging laziness and laxity, but discouraging infliction of stress, a state of mental and emotional strain.
It is wrong to work to a point you will need drugs to relief yourself of pains before you go to bed, I have done a very stressful job before and I can speak from experience, I have worked in a stressful environment for about 4 years without swallowing a tablet or take a sick leave. Two things I do basically; sleep well and eat well.
7 to 8 hours sleep will keep your body strong for the next day’s work. It is wrong to rely on pain relief drugs to get adequate rest. In as much as God is giving you sound health, you must put measures in place to maintain your health. Let me quickly add this; prayer yourself out of a stressful job. That was one prayer point my wife will not give up till I get a better job. God bless you. Do have a stress free week.
* Lord turn my stress to rest.
* I quit this job in the spirit realm for a better one.
Ezekiel 43,44
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