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Prevailing Voice Daily 5th December

Dec 7, 2016

5th December
Text. : Ecclesiastics 7:1-29
Ecclesiastes 7:8 Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.
Everyone who has the understanding of time is not controlled by events and circumstances. Only a foolish man will be tossed up and down by events, let me come out this way: see time as money, when you have money in your hands or in the bank, you determine what to do with it, it is not the money that tells you what to do with it. Now viewing time as money, you can determine what you do per time, achievers do not play with time, they do not sit down and expecting things to happen with time.
Have you heard people say ‘ it will happen with time ‘, I have serious exemption to this, man was made to make things happen, God gave brain to man to reason out some things, for instance; God did not make things in the world of technology, He only put some natural things in place, and gave man ability to reason and make innovations, by that man came about great discoveries.
We have been doing stuffs since the year began, it is time to close up our books with outstanding performance as the year goes to an end, we can still make good money, some good deals will still surface, you are not in 2017 yet, about 26 more days to go. You know what? Some good things are reserved to the end, do not fold your arms yet, it might be dangerous. Some people will make good money this season make sure you are one of them. Do not be tempted to waste what you have laboured for since the year began, celebrate Christmas and the New Year wisely, even Father Christmas spend wisely at Christmas, close your balance sheet with good profit, your balance carried down must be huge some of money to start the new year. God bless you.
* Lord make this month more profitable than previous eleven months put together.
* Give me outstanding breakthrough this month.

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