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Prevailing Voice Daily 29th November

Dec 7, 2016

29th November
Text: Job 14:14 KJV
14- If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.
Time is of the essence of life, we can talk about life without talking about time, simply put time is life and life is time.
An appointed time is a purposed and deliberate period chosen to carryout a particular task. When you say “I have appointment with someone”, it has a time tag attached to it. In like manner, God has appointed time for his children, a time He visits and accomplish His purpose in their lives or granted their request. For example:
* At an appointed time, God gave Sarah a child according to the prophesy of an Angel(Genesis 18:10, 21:1-3).
* At an appointed time, God restored the losses of Job and gave double for everything he lost (Job 42:10-17)
* At an appointed according to the time of life the barren Shunammite became a mother as spoken by Prophet Elisha (2Kings 2:14)
God has appointed time for everyone and you have your part to play:
1. Wait patiently on God for your appointed time, from our text, Job said he will wait till his change comes
2. Pray for your appointed time to come now. God owns times and seasons, He changes times and season (Daniel 2:20-22)
. God bless you.
* Father, let my appointed time comes now in Jesus Name
*Father, by your mercy let me not miss my appointed time in Jesus Name
Proverbs 17,18
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