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Prevailing Voice Daily ,21st November

Dec 6, 2016

21th November
Text. : Roman 12:11
Romans 12:11 Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;
Business has certain principles that make it run well and smooth, understanding this principles is like understanding certain formulas in mathematics or physics to solve certain questions. These principles are necessary for doing profitable business, the principles are as follows:
1, PRODUCT: there must be a good product to sell or good service to render, the product or service must be such that speaks for itself, it must render certain benefits to your customers of clients.
2, PUBLICITY : create aware about what you sell or do, do publicity in the best way you can, it must be best and at cheapest rate, so that in the long run it won’t be a huge expense. Talk about it to everyone, don’t to try to select who to tell, this is because anybody can recommend you. Begin with family and friends, use social media, do fliers where necessary. Tell neighbor about it, tell people in religious houses, etc.
3, PACKAGING : this is presenting yourself and your product well, this is important because it will determine how you will be accepted, form a good brand for yourself, make it inviting, appealing. Good packaging will earn you respect and in the run long result to good money.
4, PERSONALITY: your personality has great impact on your business, be known for your word, be of good character to people, don’t be proud, be accessible be generous. relating well with people will get you good business among them, they will be happy to recommend you to others.
5, PRICING: your price must not be too high, remember you have competitors, give the best price for best quality, don’t try to make excessive profit.
6, PRAYER: understand that no one can prosper outside God, all these principles might fail if God does not bless your business, you must be prayerful, it is God that gives power to prosper, ask God to lay His hand on what you do.
I ask God to prosper your endeavors this week and ever. Do have a prosperous week, God bless you.
* Lord prosper the works of my hands.
Proverbs 1,2
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