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Prevailing Voice Daily 9th November

Dec 4, 2016

9th November
Text. : Luke 1:30-38
St. Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.
I see a problem among Christians; we are too familiar with scriptures to the point that we lose its power. Our passage today is very popular, we are very familiar with it. But it is a very powerful scripture.
You may lose the power of this scripture if you read passively. I will explain it this way for better understanding: take note of the word ‘ WITH ‘, it is a conjunction, it joins two entities, it means collaboration, it means networking, it also means unification. It could also mean partnership. Now putting all these words together, one could say collaborating, unifying, networking, in conjunction or in partnership with God.
It is synonymous to joining your hands with God. It is not different from God assisting you to carry a load, at that point absolutely nothing is impossible. When you collaborate with God you are joining your hand with the hand that moves the world and at this point anything can happen. Your mountains will definitely crash and crumble without hesitation.
St. Mark 9:23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.
Believing in God is exercising faith in Him to do the miraculous. Faith is expressed in the place of prayer. It melts the burdens of your heart in the place of prayer and it evaporates your fears in times of difficulties. Even impossibilities do comply when faith is activated on the rostrum of prayer. God bless you.
* Confront everything that troubles your life in the place of prayer this day.
* It is another day to wait upon the Lord in fasting and praying endeavor to be part of it.
Psalms 128,129
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