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Prevailing Voice Daily 22nd October

Oct 24, 2016

22nd October
Text: Matthew 5:16 KJV
16- Let your light so shine before men, that
they may see your good works, and glorify
your Father which is in heaven.
When you lit a stick, it burns and as it burns
it gives off light, the more the stick burns
the more the strength, intensity,
illumination and the heat of the light it
emits. But one thing is important to note,
the burning stick needs to be protected at
the early stage from strong wind capable of
blowing off the light until the it burns to a
stage such that the strong wind becomes
the fuel with which it burns better.
The illustration above, is a typical example
of our little children, they are little lights in
our families, homes, societies, and nations.
As the little ones grow and do good things
or learn to do something good, they are
shining their lights to everyone around
them. As they learn to say good morning
every day they are shining, as they learn to
pray they are shining, as they learn to read
and write they are shining their lights.
Therefore it is very important to encourage
them to keep learning and doing good
things because as they do, it becomes their
lifestyle. Encourage them to do the right
things even if they didn’t do it perfectly or
they made few mistakes while doing it, give
them the right support and mentoring
because on the long run they will proof to
the society the kind of home they came
Our text above says we should let their
lights shine before men in good works such
that men will praise God for our children,
and I bet you, they would not only praise
God for your children, they would pray to
God to make their children be like yours. So
let these little lights shine in good works to
God and to men. God bless you
* Let my children become your shining light
and not abode of darkness
* Let your glory radiates upon them for the
world to see
Psalms 92,93
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